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Essential Insights: What Is a Building Contractor?

February 13, 2023Agim Arra |

A building contractor is your main partner when you want to build anything, whether it’s an extension to a current structure or a completely new home from scratch. A contractor has many duties and their job combines construction work with management tasks, as well as serving as a central point of communication between the client and the builders.

What Does a Building Contractor Do?

contractors working on driveways

A building contractor is responsible for overseeing a construction project and organizing the work and insurance of all builders involved. Contractors in the UK seek out their own clients and provide their own crew, typically handling larger projects than a small team of builders.

What are the Responsibilities of a Contractor?

driveway project

Contractors are also responsible for communicating with the client and ensuring that everyone is on the same page about how the project should be handled. Some contractors might not work directly on the construction site but rather do their work out of an office from where they oversee everything and coordinate the construction project.

Difference Between a Builder and Building Contractor

Block patio under construction

The main difference between a builder and a building contractor in the UK is that a builder handles smaller projects like small driveways, whereas a building contractor can handle projects of any size. Builders are usually strictly focused on the actual construction work, while a building contractor also takes on a management role. Therefore, a good building contractor needs to have the right balance between construction knowledge and management skills.

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