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3 Trusted Building Contractors in London

January 23, 2023Agim Arra |

Looking for a trusted building contractor in London to execute your next big project? There are plenty of reputable contractors in London. As long as you have a good understanding of your requirements, it’s only a matter of time until you’ve found a company that matches your specifications perfectly. Here is a list of our take on top building contractors worth considering.

1. Ashville Construction

coastal inspired driveway

Ashville Construction has been in business since 2006, originally working on various in-house projects and eventually branching out to the external market. The company offers a wide range of services and can execute a project from A to Z, including more complicated tasks that require additional, in-depth expertise.

Several of Ashville Construction’s projects have drawn a lot of attention from the local community, and the company is still going strong in its customer acquisition and project execution. All their project have insurance included for your safety.


  • Address: Plot 5, Link Park Heathrow, Thorney Mill Road, West Drayton, UB7 7EZ
  • Phone: 020 7736 0355
  • Mail:
  • URL:

2. Proficiency Design & Build

Proficiency Design and Build Logo

Proficiency Design & Build

Proficiency Design & Build is a well-known high-end residential building contractor and name in the local construction market. With long-running experience in the field, the design and build company works with in-house contractors that cover the full range of residential services you might need in a construction project. Whether you need designers, architects, surveyors, or any other kind of specialist related to this type of work, Proficiency has what it takes.

The company is also well acquainted with luxury projects and welcomes clients with more unusual demands. Even if you think that your project ideas have some major roadblocks hindering them, Proficiency will usually be able to handle them without issues.

coastal themed uk driveway


  • Address: 31 Fortune Green Road West Hampstead London NW6 1DU
  • Phone: 02074356231
  • Mail:
  • Website:

3. Driveway Choice

stone driveway

Most building projects will need a new driveway. So if your project requires a driveway contractor, then Driveway Choice is your go-to contractor. The company is experienced with driveways and their in-depth knowledge and understanding of customers’ needs. Whether you need a small project for your single-family home or a significant driveway renovation that requires additional expertise, Driveway Choice Contractor will provide you with everything you need under one roof. On top of that while they're working on your Driveway they can help you with fencing, paving, gravel construction and Resin Bound Surfacing. Truly a one-stop contractor for their specialism.

Driveway Choice prides itself on providing constant training and education to its workers, ensuring they are always on top of their work. This includes using more modern techniques.

Driveway Choice logo

Driveway Choice


  • Address: 37 Lichfield Road London NW2 2RG
  • Url:
  • Mail:
  • Tel: 020 3835 2520


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