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Cheapest driveway options in the UK

October 31, 2023Agim Arra |

If you're thinking of improving your kerb appeal, there are several materials you can choose for your driveway without breaking the bank. You should ensure that you choose something that complements your property. The maintenance required is also something you'll need to bear in mind because it will impact the overall cost. Here are some of the affordable driveway options that you can consider.

concrete driveway with flowers

1. Gravel driveway

Made of aggregate that includes small pebbles and rocks, gravel is one of the most affordable options on your driveway. The installation is also straightforward so you can do it as a DIY project. Your driveway needs to be dug a few inches before adding the gravel. Despite the gravel driveway design, you should also ensure that you have incorporated a weed barrier during installation because it will determine how much maintenance will be required having to pluck the weeds whenever they grow. Even though you might need to replace the gravel once it gets displaced, such a driveway can serve you for decades if properly maintained.

2. Tarmac paving

Tarmac driveway

Another durable yet cost-effective option is a tarmac driveway. The size of your driveway will ultimately determine the overall cost of the project. The installation can be done within a day and it can be done over an existing driveway. You must also consider adding proper drainage to avoid any flooding because the material is not porous. Considering it's an impermeable material, you might have to also budget for planning permission depending on the area you want to cover. You should also note that tarmac driveways have limited designs and may need replacement after some time. Typically, tarmac lasts up to 20 years if maintained accordingly.

3. Asphalt driveway

Another cheap option you can consider is having an asphalt driveway. Installing a new asphalt driveway can be pretty costly considering all the work involved but it's an affordable option if you want the material to be laid over your existing driveway. Even though it is a cheap solution, the material needs regular maintenance so it might add to the overall cost. You should also note that it cracks or crumbles over time so you might need to replace it within a short while.

4. Concrete driveway

wide concrete driveway

Installing a concrete driveway is a common choice because of its longevity and low maintenance, concrete driveways are another option you can consider. Concrete driveway are quite affordable and can significantly improve your property's value. Considering they can last up to more than three decades, it's fair to say a concrete driveway guarantees you value for your money. You should consider the type of maintenance required considering concrete needs to be maintained on an annual basis. It might not be the most aesthetic option but you can include some patterns to liven it up.

5. Resin driveway

When it comes to resin, you can have a resin-bound or resin-bonded driveway, which is among the affordable driveway surface options you can choose for your property. Preparing the base is usually the costly part of having a resin driveway but you can reduce that cost by doing some of the things such as leveling the surface before the installation. You can customise your resin driveway by opting for the different colours and design patterns available. Resin doesn't do well with certain heavy weights so you need to consider the weight of your car to avoid destroying your driveway.

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