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5 Ultimate Driveway Drainage Solutions for London Homes

November 8, 2022Agim Arra |

If you live in London, you're no stranger to rain. The city gets rain for an average of 156 days annually, which is 43% of the year. Constant, large amounts of rainfall can cause terrible damage, so you may have to look for ways to divert the water away from your house. Here are some simple solutions that will add drainage to your driveway

1. Install A Trench Drain

driveway on sloping

Trench drains are long channels you install in the ground. You can put together a trench drain without spending your entire savings or working yourself to the bone. All you have to do is dig a long trench and insert a drain channel. The drain channel should lead to an area away from your home to divert the water effectively. Remember to place a cover over the drain to make it safe

2. Build A Sloping Driveway


Building a driveway with a slight slope is one of the best drainage solutions. Your house should be on the higher side because the goal is to get the water to run down towards the street. If you build a new driveway with a slope, there should be a covered trench between your driveway and the road. You can add a slope to your existing driveway with a layer of gravel that gets thinner as it nears the road. 

3. Make Your Paving Porous 

driveway project

Paved driveways are the most common type of driveway but are also the cause of most floods. Fortunately, you can prevent your house from swimming by changing the paving in your driveway. Leave small holes between the bricks and fill them with gravel or patches of grass. These porous materials make it easier for the water to sieve through the pavers into the ground. With the right driveway design, your driveway will still be attractive but much more practical.

4. Lay A Gravel Driveway

gravel driveway in London

Gravel driveways have become a very trendy choice all over the world. There are many designs that you can try out to make your driveway look elegant while being resistant to heavy rainfall. A thick layer of gravel not only provides effective drainage but is also surprisingly affordable, as detailed in our guide on gravel driveway costs. The water effortlessly sieves through the small stones and into the soil underneath, making it a perfect solution for your London driveway.

5. Build A Swale 

driveway with grass

Swales are a piece of the ground slightly lower than the rest of the surface. Some appear naturally, but humans have started digging and using them as drainage systems. You can make a swale in your driveway with just a shovel. Start by digging a wide hole where the most water accumulates and slope the sides. Fill the hole with gravel to make it porous, and cover it with any material you choose. Some popular swale coverings include grass, plants, and large rocks. Add a small front garden in your driveway to make it more appealing and add drainage.

Your options for good-looking, practical drainage solutions are endless. However, keep in mind that some building legislations have particular regulations. You may need permission before making drastic changes to your house or driveway.

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