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How much does a new driveway cost

January 5, 2024Agim Arra |

Did you know that a new driveway cost as little as £1,500? This amount can, however, increase depending on several factors such as the size of your driveway, the type of materials being used and the condition of your current driveway, among other factors. If you're looking to have a new driveway, here are different driveway types and their prices that you can consider for you to budget accordingly.

wide black concrete driveway

Block paving cost

Block paving costs anywhere from £1,200 to £12,200 depending on the size. It has become a popular choice for most homeowners in the UK, especially because of the design options it offers. Such paving is made from decorative blocks that improve the curb appeal of your property. Even though it is among the costly options, it is worth it because maintenance and repair costs are quite affordable. The type of blocks you opt for is also an important consideration because some are susceptible to weed and moss growth and they require frequent maintenance. It's always good to clarify this with your driveway installer.

Gravel driveway cost

Gravel driveway costs between £1,000 to £7,000 and it's considered the most affordable option. If properly maintained, a gravel driveway can last up to 100 years, making it a worthwhile investment. Gravel is made of real aggregate that can easily be displaced making it necessary to have regular maintenance which will add to the overall cost.

Concrete driveway cost

The price of a concrete driveway ranges between £2,500 to £11,500. With a lifespan of more than five decades, it's a durable material that offers great value for your money. It's also quite sturdy and it can easily bear the weight of heavy vehicles. You also need to consider the annual maintenance cost because concrete will need sealing over time. Even though it has many benefits, if you're looking for an aesthetic material for your driveway, concrete isn't the best material you can opt for.

Tarmac driveway cost

modern dark tarmac driveway on a private property

On average, tarmac driveways cost between £1,300 to £7,300. It's among the affordable choices and installation is easy because it can be done within one day. Tarmac can also be installed on an already existing driveway. With tarmac, there are a few design options so it's hard to find something unique and durability is quite low. It can last up to two decades.

Resin driveway cost

A resin driveway will cost between £1,200 to £7,800 depending on whether you've chosen the resin-bound or resin-bonded option. The installation is easy and fast but the material is not sturdy enough to handle any heavy weight. Resin is aesthetically pleasing but it requires frequent maintenance so you should also factor that into the overall cost.

Stone driveway cost

A stone driveway costs anywhere between £30 to £50 per m2 depending on the size and type of store you decide to work with. The different stone options include gravel, slate, granite, and marble.

Additional driveway costs to consider

If you're considering getting a new driveway, there are several additional costs that you need to factor into your budget. These costs will vary depending on the type of driveway material you choose. They include the following.

Type Cost (£) Key Points
Block Paving 1,200 - 12,200 Popular, design options, requires maintenance.
Gravel 1,000 - 7,000 Affordable, last up to 100 years, requires maintenance.
Concrete 2,500 - 11,500 Durable, sturdy, needs sealing over time, less aesthetic.
Tarmac 1,300 - 7,300 Quick installation, lower durability (up to 20 years).
Resin 1,200 - 7,800 Aesthetic, easy installation, not suitable for heavy weight,
Stone 30 - 50/m2 Available stones like gravel, slate, granite, marble.

Ground preparation costs

On average, ground works cost £15 to £20 per square metre. It's a crucial part of the installation process that involves excavation and ground levelling. Proper ground preparation ensures that the driveway lasts longer.

The cost of a dropped kerb

driveway in progress

The price ranges between £800 to £1,200 depending on the size of the dropped kerb. The need for a dropped kerb will vary depending on the type of driveway design you choose and the need for proper drainage. With a dropped kerb, your car can easily and safely access the driveway. Depending on where your property is located, you might need to apply for planning permission first from the local council.

Cost of removing an existing driveway

It costs between £500 to £1,500 to remove an existing driveway. This cost will vary depending on the material and size of the existing driveway. Skip hire will also be an important requirement and this will cost you between £200 to £250 to clear the waste material. If you're working with something like a tarmac, you won't have to incur this cost because you can install it on an existing driveway.

Weed membrane cost

Weed membrane costs between £30 to £50 per roll and it helps to prevent the growth of weeds in the driveway. This helps prolong the driveway lifespan because there won't be much damage due to weed growth.

Factors that affect driveway costs

There are different factors that significantly impact the cost of installing a driveway. They include the following:

Size of the driveway

If you're having a huge driveway installation, it's bound to cost more compared to a smaller one because of the amount of labour and materials required. It also means the project is bound to take a longer duration, which ultimately adds to the cost.

Labour costs

On average, driveway installation labour costs range between £150 to £200 per day. The amount of work involved and duration will impact the overall cost of the project.

Material costs

Pavement under construction

Different materials have varying costs and the type you choose will determine how much you spend for your driveway. You also need to consider the size of your driveway because it will help you decide the amount of materials you need. Some of the prices include the following:

  • Natural stone - £50 to £105/m2
  • Concrete blocks - £20 to £60/m2
  • Clay blocks - £70 to £100/m2

Lighting costs

Lighting costs range from £100 to £150 depending on the driveway size. You can add lights to your driveway to make it safer and also improve visibility in the dark.

Remember, the average cost of a new driveway is £1 500. Bear it in mind when you are budgeting the total price of your project. When choosing a driveway installation expert, you should ensure that they give you a detailed breakdown of what the cost covers to avoid any surprises. You should ask for quotes from at least three different contractors to ensure that you're getting an accurate estimate for your project.

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