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Types of Driveways Surface Options

November 6, 2023Agim Arra |

Choosing a suitable material for your driveway is crucial for every homeowner. With the many options available, you need to consider something that will improve your curb appeal and also stand the test of time. You also need to consider your budget and the size of your driveway among other things. Here are different long-lasting driveway surface options that you can consider.

modern concrete driveway

Concrete driveway

A common choice for most homes, concrete is one of the most durable options you can choose for your driveway. With proper maintenance, it can serve you for more than three decades. There are also various patterns, designs and colours you can opt for depending on the aesthetic you're looking to achieve. Concrete has good temperature regulation and this makes it a perfect choice especially during summer because it doesn't heat up.

Concrete isn't permeable by design so it might warrant the need for planning permission for your driveway. It's crucial to include sustainable drainage systems that mimic natural drainage during the installation to reduce the risk of any flash flooding. You should ensure that you work with a qualified driveway installation expert because concrete can develop cracks over time if poorly installed and this can be costly to replace.

Asphalt/ tarmac paving

modern tarmac driveway

Another popular driveway material choice with homeowners in the UK is asphalt, otherwise known as tarmac. It's an affordable option and also easy to maintain; The average cost of a tarmac driveway is £45 per square metre. You should ensure that it's properly installed to avoid any puddling considering the material is highly permeable. Thanks to its durability, an asphalt driveway can serve you for more than two decades.

Even though there are limited choices when it comes to tarmac, the material gives your driveway a pristine look if it has been installed properly. Unlike concrete, asphalt tends to heat up during hot summers and it can get sticky. In such instances, tyre marks can often show and the asphalt shape can be altered.

Gravel driveway

gravel driveway in London

From being low maintenance to their longevity, there are several reasons why gravel is a perfect choice for any home in the UK. It can serve you for more than two decades with proper maintenance. It's quite affordable to install and there are several colours to choose from depending on the aesthetic appeal you're looking to achieve. Not forgetting the different gravel driveway designs that you can implement on your property.

Gravel is likely to be highly permeable so water will drain naturally, saving you the extra cost of installing proper drainage. If you decide to lay your gravel directly on the ground, you'll need to maintain it regularly to prevent the weeds from overgrowing. You also need to clean it often if you want your driveway to look neat and refill the gravel from time to time.

Block paving

block driveway


Another durable choice that's equally stunning is a brick driveway. With a lifespan of more than two decades, they are a beautiful addition to any home because you get different designs, colours, shapes and patterns to choose from. Considering the material easily attracts moss and algae, you need to clean your driveway regularly to avoid that.

You should also note that a more aesthetic choice will cost you more especially if the design you choose needs to be installed in a specific way. Block driveways do well in different weather conditions and you can always use a sealer after installation. They also take a shorter time to settle and give your tyres a better grip compared to other options such as concrete.

Resin driveway

Resin enhances your home's kerb appeal and it is also among the durable materials that you can choose for your driveway. There are various colour options to choose from and you can decide whether you want the permeable or impermeable resin. It's also quite affordable and very easy to maintain and clean.

Considering resin-bound driveways tend to crack easily if poorly installed you should ensure that you hire a qualified driveway installation expert. This will save you additional costs when it comes to repairing the damages.

Factors to consider when choosing a suitable driveway surface

There are several things you need to consider when deciding on a suitable driveway surface. Most importantly, you should ensure that you hire a qualified and reliable expert for the job. Some of the important considerations include the following.

stone driveway

Kerb appeal

Generally, driveways are known to enhance the kerb appeal of a property but you need to choose a material that will suit your home. You should choose a pattern and colour that complements your home. From the options discussed above, it's no surprise if you're spoilt for choice.

Sloping of your driveway

You should consider the sloping of your driveway when choosing a suitable material. A good example is how resin isn't an ideal choice for a sloping driveway. You will need a levelled ground for it to be laid properly.

Value for your money

There are some materials that will significantly improve your property's value such as brick or paved driveways. You should consider whether the installation cost will be offset by the value added. You should ensure that you carefully consider all the available options before making your decision. Remember, cheap isn't always the best option.

Maintenance requirements

Different materials have varying maintenance requirements. You need to consider whether you want something that is low-maintenance or the latter. You also need to consider how much time and labour will be needed for the maintenance. Some driveways require more maintenance than others.

With the different types of driveway surface options, you can easily choose something that will serve you for a while. You can also get important insight from your driveway installation expert on an ideal option based on your property and the aesthetic you're looking to achieve. For proper installation, you should ensure that you hire a reliable company for the job.

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