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Privacy Police

Contact forms

You don’t need to worry about the information privacy if you choose to contact Driveway Choice via a contact form. The information you put in an online form will be protected. The data will not be shared on other sites and disclosed with any third party.


Driveway Choice also uses the data collected from its clients for analytics purposes. The analytics data are required for analyzing user’s behavior, making website updates and improving a search engine optimization strategy.

Your contact information

Driveway Choice uses the contact information of its clients only to get in touch with you. The data help a company contact you easily and quickly if such a need arises in the future.

Additional information

If you do any transactions with Driveway Choice, the company may ask you to provide the additional information. In this case, you will need to provide the personal and financial data. This information is required for processing transactions. If you deal with Driveway Choice, you can be sure that the information collected will never be disclosed to others.

How we protect your data

The confidentiality of your information is very important to Driveway Choice. That’s why the specialists take all the necessary actions to protect the data provided by its customers. The company uses SSL certificate to secure its website and protect user’s data. Driveway Choice uses the secure servers to store the data collected from its clients. The company doesn’t sell the information to the third parties.


What data breach procedures we have in place

We constantly check our website for security issues. If any breaches in website security are found, they are fixed quickly and effectively. The company also informs the site’s users about these issues.   

What third parties we receive data from

The companies also use other sources to receive data from. Driveway Choice may also get the data from such sources as analytics providers, brokers, business partners, credit reference agencies, galleries, payment and delivery services, sub-contractors, search information providers, etc.          

What automated decision making and/or profiling we do with user data

Driveway Choice uses Cookies to receive data about site’s users. The company uses these data for statistical analysis purposes. In most cases, browsers accept site’s cookies automatically, but site’s users can either decline or accept cookies.

The user data allows the company to track your movements as well as activities on your website. The data contain the information on what site’s web pages you’ve visited, your IP address, what browser you use, how quickly you’ve loaded web pages, etc. With these statistical data, the specialists can improve your business website. 

Law hammer, book of regulation.

Industry regulatory disclosure requirements         

We act according to the law when collecting the user data. Driveway Choice collects the data from users by meeting the disclosure requirements which are defined by the section 1159 of the UK Companies Act 2006. Your information can be disclosed to business partners, analytics, search engine providers and credit reference agencies.    

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