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Do You Need Planning Permission for a Driveway UK

October 23, 2023Agim Arra |

You will need planning permission if you want to use impermeable driveway material to cover a surface of more than five metres. Impermeable material will not allow water to drain through if you're paving over your front garden. If you're using porous material, planning permission won't be necessary regardless of the driveway size. Some of the permeable materials include gravel, porous asphalt, and permeable concrete block paving. These rules apply when you're working on your front garden, different rules apply when your driveway is on a different part of your garden. Here's all you need to know concerning driveways and the need for planning permission.

modern concrete driveway

When do you need planning permission for a driveway

From the above, apart from when you're using impermeable material to make your driveway, something else that will determine whether planning permission is necessary is the type of property you have. The above requirements apply to houses only so you need to check with your local authorities if you want to work on the following property types;

  • Maisonettes and flats
  • Other buildings
  • converted houses

You might also require planning permission when paving a driveway in your front garden if any other work such as having a dropped kerb or putting up a fence or gate needs to be done. When making new access to your garden the pavement might also need strengthening. It ensures that any services underneath such as water pipes stay protected.

modern tarmac driveway

Another circumstance where planning permission will be necessary is if you live in a listed building. Listed building consent is necessary if you need to have any significant work done on the internal or external of your property.

If installing your driveway involves significant work such as terracing or embanking planning permission might be necessary. The rules for having a driveway on your front garden are different from anywhere around your house. There are no restrictions on the area of land that can be covered by hard surfaces for the other parts around the house.

Depending on the type of property you have, you should check whether there are any Permitted Development Rights applicable. Working with a planning consultant will ease things up because they'll let you know whether you'll need planning permission for your driveway or not.


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