Can you pave your own driveway

December 11, 2023Agim Arra |

Yes, you can pave your own driveway. However, you need to ensure that you have some skills and equipment needed for the job for you to get great results. Some people opt to pave their own driveways as a way of saving costs but it's advisable to hire an expert to avoid making mistakes that will cost you more in the long run. You must also consider the labour required for ground preparation when installing your driveway. Here are some of the general requirements when paving your driveway.

modern tarmac driveway

Plan accordingly

Planning for your driveway is one way to ensure that the project goes seamlessly. You can decide the design you want and the materials you'll use on your driveway. You should also establish the dimensions of your driveway and whether you're going to leave any garden space. It's advisable to ensure that everything you plan for is within budget.

Ensure you have all the tools

Having the necessary tools at your disposal will allow you to work efficiently. The type of driveway you intend to have will dictate the type of equipment you're going to need. For instance, if you need to remove an existing driveway you'll need an excavator which is something you can't find easily in a normal household. If you're building a concrete driveway, you'll have to look for a concrete mixer. In such circumstances, you'll need to hire such equipment and also get someone to operate it. Some of the things you will need include a shovel, skip, broom or rake, string line, and a tape measure among others.

Establish the need for planning permission

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You should understand the planning permission rules prior to building your driveway because you'll avoid any trouble with the local council. If you're going to pave your driveway using impermeable material such as block paving, you will need a drainage system, meaning you'll have to apply for planning permission. It is also crucial if you know you'll have a dropped kerb for your driveway. Planning permission isn't a necessity if you are using porous material such as gravel or stone because the water can naturally drain into the ground.

Ground preparation

Ground preparation is a crucial part of paving your own driveway. Depending on the type of driveway you want to install, you might need to dig the surface. You should be careful not to damage any utility cables that might be underneath. Depending on how large you want your driveway, this part of the project can be quite hectic and it will also need a lot of physical labour. If you're laying your new driveway on a pre-existing driveway, you won't need to do a lot of work to prepare the surface.

Choose a suitable base

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The material you choose for your driveway will determine the type of base you choose. You should opt for a porous base to allow water to easily drain. For proper results, your driveway should have a thickness of at least eight inches. You can opt for an affordable choice such as sand or gravel. You should also ensure you do proper grading and sloping before laying the sub-base.

Install the paving

Once everything is in place, you can now lay the paving. You should ensure that the ground is levelled for better results. You also need to ensure that there's proper drainage depending on the driveway material you choose. There are different drainage options to choose from so you can consider one that will be effective for your property. Ensure that you fill any gaps in your paving and apply sealant if necessary. You should give your driveway enough time to dry or set based on the chosen design.

Paving your own driveway is an easy task if you have what it takes for the job. If you feel like you don't have the skills it takes, you can always consider hiring a qualified contractor. This will save you a lot of time and effort because you'll have a team of experts doing the job.

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