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Ultimate Pricing Guide: How Much Does a Resin Driveway Cost?

May 16, 2022Agim Arra |

On average, a new resin driveway costs around £2400 in the UK. This price can be slightly more or less depending on the driveway area, project specification, and other cost-affecting factors.

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Factors Influencing the Cost of a Resin Driveway

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Size of the Driveway

The cost per m² of having a resin driveway ranges from £45 to £70. Generally, the rate reduces as the area increases and vice-versa. For instance, a driveway area of less than 40m² will cost around £65. From 40m² to 100m², the rate can drop to about £50. If the proposed driveway area is larger than 100m², you can get a rate as low as £45.

The Layout of the Driveway

The proposed layout of your resin driveway is another significant factor that will influence the overall cost of your new driveway. Depending on your preference, expect a typical rectangular layout to cost less than complex-shaped designs of the same area. However, you can discuss your requirements with three to four companies to get the median cost.

Status of the Existing Surface

The current state of the driveway surface will dictate the extent of work required before laying the new resin aggregates. For a grassed surface, there's a need for some groundwork before laying the driveway aggregate. Similarly, you may need to make some repairs if there is an existing tarmac or concrete platform.

The Type of Aggregate

The size, colour source, and availability of your choice of aggregate in your location will also affect the overall cost of your resin driveway. 

Resin Driveway Cost

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There are four main categories of cost items for a new resin driveway construction - surface preparation cost, material cost, labour cost, and other additional costs.

Surface Preparation Cost

If you are converting a grassed surface into a resin-bound driveway, your budget should include the following groundwork.

  • Excavation
  • Stone base installation
  • Construction of asphalt structural base
  • Edging

However, for an existing driveway or patio, your installer, after inspecting the condition, may suggest porthole filling or crack repairs. These items would form part of your hired company's all-in rate for the work. While understanding the costs of resin driveways, you might also wonder about their drying times. 24 hours is a safe estimate to wait when letting your resin driveway dry, but for a more detailed insight, check out our guide.

Material cost

Resin driveways are mostly a combination of aggregate stone mix and polyurethane resin. Crushed stone and pea shingles cost £70 and above per 850 kg bag. However, more aesthetic aggregates like crushed marble chips cost up to £190 per 900 kg. 

Polyurethane resins are either aromatic or aliphatic. Aliphatic resin costs at least three times the aromatic type.

Labour cost

The labour cost per day is about £200. This rate may be more or less depending on the skill level and the size and layout of the proposed resin driveway. 

Additional costs

Some installations and landscape companies may require additional costs for travelling and overnight accommodation of the company's staff.

The average cost of a new resin driveway is £50 per m². However, the overall cost will depend on the area, material specification, existing surface, and driveway design.

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