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How Much Does It Cost for Patio Repair?

November 30, 2021Agim Arra |

It's normal for patios to show signs of damage over time due to several factors. It can be railings or boards that need replacement, rot, weed infestation, or perhaps some loose screws. Either way, a nice patio repair job would do. But how much should you expect to pay for the patio repair cost?

You can decide to do it yourself for as little as £5 and spend as much as £100 filling up the holes and cracks. Even better, you can hire an expert contractor from a company to help you out for as little as £300.

Be it maintenance of your patio area or repair of damaged areas, the extent of damage and materials needed are some of the things that will impact the cost of repairing a patio.

Some of the patio repair costs you're likely to incur include the following:

  • repointing
  • crack repair

Patio Repointing Cost

Block patio under construction

One way to fix cracks in the existing mortar and stop weeds from getting through is by repointing a patio. You may also need to get your patio slabs and paving slabs fixed if there's any damage like loose stones or bricks. The old pointing will need to be removed and the cracks filled with sand and cement.

Hiring an expert to repoint your patio can cost you anywhere from £200- £250. Depending on the damage, you may need to re-lay the patio instead of repointing: especially if the paving slabs are moving around loosely. If you're considering this option, check out our guide on the cost of laying out a patio for more details.

Patio Crack Repairs Cost

colorful whimsical driveway

You can easily fix a crack in your patios without replacing the whole slab. For example, epoxy mortar is an ideal option for filling brick or concrete pavement slabs. Hiring a professional patio installer to fix the damages can cost you between £10 and £20 per square metre.

Repointing Cost Calculator

paved patio

There are several elements you need to factor in when calculating the repointing patio cost. These factors include:

  • The type of material to be repointed (concrete, gravel, clay bricks etc.)
  • The quantity of work to be done
  • The price of labour
  • The tradesperson carrying out the job
  • The extent of the damages

The nature of the repointing that needs to be done will be essential in determining the cost since if it's complex, this means more work will need to be done, thus costing more.

Repointing Hourly Rates

driveway underconstruction with cones

The average hourly charges range between £25 and £45 per hour. This is dependent on the level of expertise, the experience of the particular tradesperson or contractor you've hired, and the project's scope. It's advisable to consult various local pointing specialists in your area on the pricing to get an accurate estimate of how much it might cost you.

Patio repointing is among one of the most sought-after outdoor repair services. Here, we have explored some of the basics you need to be aware of, including the repointing costs and the hourly cost of labour, among other things. With the above information and a little help from an expert, you can easily get through your patio repair project!

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