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Ultimate Cost Guide: Laying a Patio Explained

May 30, 2022Agim Arra |

Patios can range in price anywhere from £600 to more than £4000 in some cases. The primary elements that impact the total cost are the paving materials you choose and your patio's size.

Knowing the type of patio you want, it is important to understand how to construct one and how long it takes to build one. We plan to cover all of this and various other helpful pieces of knowledge. And hopefully, convince you that a patio isn't necessarily out of your price range as much as you think it is.

Different Types of Patio


It's possible to select different kinds of patios which differ by patio prices. The following is a breakdown of the patio layout costs of patio-laying pavers.

1. Gravel patio

gravel path

Gravel costs £5 – £6 per square foot. That amount should be multiplied by two for professional installation. Gravel is the most accessible paving material for a do-it-yourself patio or pathway. If you're curious about the breakdown of these costs, check out our guide about gravel patio costs. A gravel surface can be installed by anyone capable of using a shovel. Gravel can frequently be laid down with a minimum of preparatory work, but it is not a solid patio surface. It is best suited for low-volume foot activity locations. It requires minimal effort to conform to any form, regardless of straight or curved contours.

Gravels have been widely regarded for being flexible materials due to various colours and styles. It is also the quickest way to install them. It is a very durable option that can last for 100 years when properly maintained.

2. Concrete patio

outdoor patio

Simple concrete patios range from £5 – £13 per square foot, or roughly £2400 overall, depending on the slab thickness and any upgrades. Concrete can be used to create a patio, and the surface can have anything from a brushed finish to decorative coloured or stamped concrete. Decorative colours can also be added.

A stunning and long-lasting finish can be achieved with a concrete patio by imitating the appearance of genuine stone through the use of stamps and colouring.

3. Paver patio

patio with hedges

The patio material cost of a paver patio ranges from £6 to £15 per square foot. Pavers made of natural stone and those made of concrete can be laid on a patio in various patterns and styles. The price of installing pavers is dependent on several factors, including the complexity of the design and the cost of the pavers themselves.

Keep the design simple. Complicated patterns are great – but only if you have the budget. If you are trying to pave a patio area of your garden, you don't need the additional cost of fancy winding edging or circle pavers to complete the job. Keep it simple and the costs will be a breeze to manage.

In general, the patio installers will have to cut more, and the labour cost to install anything will be higher.

4. Brick patio

ground patio with bricks

Brick pavers can range from £8 – £40 per square foot. They are built of natural clay and are expected to endure significantly longer than concrete.

Bricks can be permanently installed with mortar-filled joints as a wall or as a paver patio. Bricks are incredibly durable and stylish.

5. Flagstone patio

patio with stone accents

Flagstone patios cost £12 - £24 per square foot on average. Large natural stones that are uneven in shape and flat surfaces might be flagstones.

The irregular shape contributes to the beauty of the natural stones. It also makes it more challenging to set them in place. The installation of flagstones often requires a concrete base and a sealer, contributing to the total patio cost.

The Difference Between the Ground Patio and the Raised Patio

paved patio

Patios are often constructed on the ground level, but this is not the only way to build one. Elevated patios are a fantastic option in some circumstances.

The price of each varies according to the type of patio material, the level of quality, and the design.

Ground patio

modern patio

The majority of patios are constructed directly on the grass in the backyard. For a patio area that is a 12-by-12-foot area, the price of a ground patio installed by contractors might range anywhere from £590 to £5700. If the ground needs to be levelled before construction can begin, that expense will also need to be included.

Raised patio

elevated patio

An elevated patio is ideal for specific situations, such as when the ground is not level or when the back door is higher than the surrounding terrain. A concrete slab serves as the base for raised patios in most cases.

A raised patio will cost between £820 to £6400 for a 12-by-12-foot area, which is £1.50 to £5 higher than a ground patio on a per-square-foot basis.

Patio Installation Cost Factors

outdoor patio

Various costs can affect your new patio installation. Those are good choices. Some are dependent on your garden conditions, i.e., whether or not it is using hardcore. Cost can also vary if you are laying your patio for the first time or simply repairing damaged patio flooring.

You can use garden designers' knowledge in incorporating landscaping and planting options in any of these projects, designing an outdoor patio costs around £15,000.

Based on £100 hourly rates, you can break it down into typical segments such that these figures represent a simple structure and are often higher depending upon complexity. Excavating.

Cost of Labour and Timescales

driveway underconstruction with cones

It's generally around £550 a day for a landscape gardener. This can be done through an ordinary labourer resulting in a daily charge of around £200. The typical installation for a 10-square-metre patio is usually two days, and labour costs roughly £400. An 18-foot-high patio could take three days and cost around £600. If the patio is 40 m or greater, it will take about four days to build and is expected to cost about £850.

Generally, patio maintenance costs substantially less than replacing it. The amount needed to complete repairs is greatly affected. Outdoor patio repairs usually take a few days to get done

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