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Ultimate Guide: How Much Does a Gravel Patio Truly Cost?

May 11, 2022Agim Arra |

The cost of a gravel patio in the UK is between £20 - £25 per square meter, excluding the installation costs. Gravel patios are DIY-friendly projects, so you can save some money if you handle the installation yourself. Hiring a landscape tradesman will cost you an additional £75 - £100 per m².

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4 Cost Affecting Factors of Gravel Patios

Block patio under construction

1. The Type of Gravel Material

There are different types of gravel materials you can use for your patio. Pea gravel, which is currently the commonest, is sold at about £65 per bulk bag (850 kg). Limestone costs around £94 per 850 kg bag. The cost per bulk bag of other luxurious alternatives like the golden gravel ranges from £100 and above.

2. The Landscape Professional You Hire

Landscape tradesmen charge around £200 daily, including the cost of an assisting labourer. However, engaging a big-time landscape company will cost more. You can request quotes from two to three reputable companies to have a fair idea of how contractors in your location charge.

3. Installation of Additional Features

You may want to add extra features like a small water garden or water feature, patio furniture and outdoor light to enhance the functionality of the space. Depending on the specification, patio furniture usually costs between £90 - £3000. Outdoor lights range from £2 to £1000. Although gravel patios are one of the most economical patio ideas, having these additional features can significantly increase your patio cost.

4. Size of Your Patio

The cost of laying a gravel patio reduces as the area increases. You can get as low as £60 for patio areas up to 40m². However, this price may vary depending on your location and the ground condition.

Estimate Gravel Patio cost

Pavement under construction

Water Membrane

Multiply the length of the outdoor space by the width to get the patio area. To get the water membrane quantity needed, add 20% to the area for lapping. Apart from preventing rising dampness, a water membrane also obstructs vegetation growth.


Multiply your patio area by the gravel depth and add 4% for compaction. Usually, the depth ranges from 100mm to 150 mm.


Knowing your patio area, you can negotiate with a landscape tradesman between £75 - £100 per meter square. Alternatively, you can hire daily. Provided the materials are ready. A medium-sized gravel patio of about 20m² takes three to four days to complete. 


While considering all the costs associated with installing a patio, it's essential also to consider the patio repair cost. Undertaking repairs yourself could cost as little as £5, potentially reaching up to £100 to effectively address holes and cracks. For more comprehensive repairs, hiring a professional contractor can start at around £300. This approach ensures that managing the patio repair cost is both feasible and conducive to maintaining a durable, high-quality outdoor space.

Gravel patios cost £95 - £125 per m² to install, including labour and materials. However, the cost of installing a new gravel driveway will cost you more. By calculating your patio area, you can plan your budget to prevent the cost from going overboard.

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